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Monday, October 17, 2011

Primers and why GW is the best

Been a minute from my last post but today I learned something and thought I would share this info with you guys.

Now I have always used new products that people have suggested to me believing that my favorite product could be inferior.

(Quick note I prime white not black having gone to art school I know thy working with white is far superior to black)

Today I used P3 white primer... I am disappoint.
First the pros.
Price! Wow large can for 9.99 that's not bad!
Nozzle. Now P3 has a nozzle that you can rotate to lay a flat line ether up and down or side to side.
Smell. Kinda an odd thing but it's smell isn't very strong which is really nice for not stinking up my patio.

Dry time. The biggest and most important thing for me is that the paint drys asap so I can get right to painting.
This primer took about ten minutes to become dry to the touch.
Fogging. The primer I had tonight fogged over three models tonight and this is due to the nozzle design. Due to the length you must turn it over and clear it after use (even I you are returning to spray again in two minutes) this is a huge con for me.

Krylon white primer.

No just no,you get what you pay for and 97 cents is just to little to be any good.

Army painter.
I've only used this one twice an both times it came out nice and thin but took 20-25 minutes to dry and was a bit glossy instead of flat.

GW skull white.
Price. Sweet baby Jesus 14.99 for a can of primer. Really GW is it made with crack like we know your models are?
Amount in can.
Now I have never counted how many model a can gets but I always feel like there I less in a GW can.

Drying time. I love that I can spray pick up my spray box walk inside and pull the models out and paint because they are dry that soon.
Coverage. I noticed that fewer passes are needed to get the model fully covered.
Nozzle. It doesn't allow what's inside dry out so the next time you spray you get fogging.

Well there you have it my findings on primers only one I have left to try is testors white primer.

( quick note on dull coat testors is the only way to go I promise you everything else is trash and overpriced)


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I have come to a conclusion ...

I want to play everyone. I don't mean everyone but all the big names in our gaming world.
Goatboy, Jawaballs, everyone from team America 2010 and '11 and so on etc etc.

Now noticed I said play. Not beat,trounce or pummel. Just play a game. I don't think I am better then anyone but I know I am good. I have won a few tournaments, had a golden ticket and placed in 'Ard Boyz.

I need to get better I need to win more games and grow as a general and tactician. So I am writing a (ever growing) list of "tournament" and "celebrity" players so I can test my mettle against them.

Now the point of this blog is to report battles and get feed back on my list, tactics and ideas. I may even finish painting some of the army I will be using.

Which btw I am a Blood Angels player have been for over a decade and always will be.
Here is my 1850 list as of now
Jump libby (unleash and fear) 125
Jump libby (unleash and sword) 125
2x jump priest -150
RAS ( 2x melta, hammer, shield) -260
DEV (quad missile) 130

Total - 1830 ( 20 points to play with )

And I know "copy and paste" but if something works don't fix it